Like the illuminating 8 AM sun, Garima Agarwal is an innovative Business Design Curator, who excels in bringing ideas to life. Her agile presence, idea strategy, connects brands to culture, manages partnerships and mobilizes on and offline communities. She has been raised in a business family that has been progressively contributing to the Construction Industry in Gujarat and Rajasthan. Inspired by personal experiences and industry insights gleaned on her a constant urge for learning something new each day and have fun!

A mix of creative thinking and analytical insights is what she stands strong on, and an individual who aspires to enhance her knowledge to nurture creativity. She aligns with people’s unmet needs, desires, and aspirations to inspire new solutions for a wide variety of challenges—from the ways that people are learning to the ways that systems are operating.

Her personal purpose in life is to help people go on adventures, and he is lucky to realize that purpose everyday in her work.”Basically, I connect the dots between brands, clients and culture to create experiences.”

“There’s so much to explore in the business cycle – from ideation to execution. Presenting allows me to give back to both the adventure and the adventurous.”

True Wealth: “Travel, Time, Family and Food,” she laughs.

Her superpowers: Love! Curiosity! Humor!

Looking forward to more good times with good folks.

Let’s level up together!